Visits of UCLG MEWA to Diplomatic Missions

Headed by Mehmet Duman, Secretary General,  the UCLG MEWA  delegation visited the diplomatic missions of the Netherlands and Germany along with the countries in the region in January and February 2017. During the visits to the ambassador of Palestine; consul generals of Afghanistan, Palestine, Kuwait, Pakistan, Germany, Holland and Lebanon and Culture and Education Relations Director of Consulate General of Arab Republic of Egypt; the works that UCLG-MEWA carries out with the local authorities and local authority associations in the UCLG MEWA countries, the effects of forced migration due to Syrian crisis on the local governments and local communities was evaluated and possible cooperation areas were consulted. How  the Consulate Generals of UCLG-MEWA countries can contribute to the ongoing report on local government systems in the region was also discussed. Also in the visits, invitation letters for UCLG-MEWA membership were delivered to the representatives of the Embassies and Consulate Generals, to be conveyed to the municipalities in their countries.

Within the context of the visits, Mehmet Duman, Secretary General, invited the consul generals and ambassadors to the meetings of UCLG-MEWA Executive Bureau, Committee on Urban Mobility and Development Cooperation and City Diplomacy, which will take place in March 2017, in Nablus, Palestine. Representatives of the diplomatic missions of the countries in the region were asked to promotion participation of the municipalities of their countries in the meetings.

 In the visits, periodical and non-periodical publications of UCLG-MEWA were  presented to the ambassadors and consul general

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