Women Employment and Activities for Women in Local Governments Program

Union of Turkish World Municipalities (UTWM) visited UCLG-MEWA Headquarters  within the framework of “Women Employment  and Activities for Women in Local Governments” on 10th March 2016.   Along with the representatives from Şişli and Sarıyer Municipality,  representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Kirghizstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Macedonia attended to the event jointly organized by UCLG-MEWA and WALD.

The meeting started with the greeting speeches of Hasan Ali Şükür, UCLG-MEWA General Coordinator and Nadya Taşel, Member of Board of Trustees of WALD. Emine Gökçe Yanık, Supervisor of UCLG-MEWA Committee on Gender Equality, touched upon the committee’s works after giving a short information about UCLG-MEWA and its committees. Making a speech on behalf of WALD, Omca Altın, Project Coordinator of WALD, remarked the women employment and presented the projects supported by WALD. The program continued with the presentation of Nadya Taşel about the women and minority studies carried out by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and the presentation of Equality Unit of Şişli Municipality. Subsequent to the presentations, Lauranne Callet-Ravat, Supervisor of Comittee on Social Inclusion provided information about the report on the condition of Syrian refugees in Turkey and Lebanon.

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