UCLG Live Learning Experience “Beyond the Immediate Response to the Outbreak” that took place on May 6, organized in collaboration with UN-WOMEN, provided a space for women from across the world to deliver their key strategies, concerns and experience, recalling their critical role as front liners in the pandemic.

Mayors, Vice Mayors, representatives of local and regional governments, councilors, and representatives of national governments from all over the world shared their experiences and challenges on gender during the Live Learning Experience session, organized by UCLG, Metropolis and UN HABITAT together with UN WOMEN. Bringing the voices of women into local level decision-making mechanisms will ensure taking more inclusive decisions in response to crisis.

The session provided an opportunity to share participants’ commitment and support to the achievement of women’s empowerment at all levels beyond the outbreak. Participants stated that the voice of local and regional governments should be heard in the global conversation on gender equality and the empowerment of women in all spheres of life. Special attention needs to be paid to the impact on women and girls, to ensure that their needs and rights are addressed through social policies. We need to undertake reforms pertaining the structural and crucial dimension of health care – and do so in a manner that truly leaves no one and no territory behind.

Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep, argued that we need stronger cities, a new world order and new social justice for all communities, especially women working in the health sector. During the session, the group also reflected in a Mentimeter exercise on what a Generation Equality Coalition for leadership should strive for. The word cloud resulting from the survey highlighted three key concepts: justice, freedom, and human rights.

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