2018 World Summit on Agriculture and Food Cooperation (AGROSUM-2018) will be held on 01-04 March 2018, in Ankara, Turkey with the initiative of International Agricultural and Food Confederation (TARIMKON). The Summit is expected to attract a large number of guests working in the of agriculture and food sector, including the representatives of public institutions and organizations investors, import-export firms, manufacturing and raw material producing companies, industrialists, enterprises, consumer and producer cooperatives, associations, NGOs, local government representatives and academics.

During the Summit that is planned to be organized biennially, participants will address to international market problems and propose solutions. Representatives of food and agriculture sector will also discuss the conditions for ensuring a transformation from the understanding of “Production Before Marketing” to “Production After Marketing.” Participants will also discuss to the ways to overcome the problems encountered in this regard. Main topics to be addressed in the summit are as follows:

  • Supply and Food Safety: Accessing Consumable, Adequate, Healthy, Reliable, Nutritious Food
  • Protection of biodiversity and GMOs
  • Global Warming
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Reliable Food Supply
  • Protection of Public Health
  • Future Vision for Agriculture and Husbandry

UCLG-MEWA will organize a session on “The Role of Local Governments in Rural Development” during the summit. Local governments wishing to participate in this session are welcomed to contact with:;  ;

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